Sunday, May 3, 2009

On Traveling to Haiti and other related things #9


I have to chuckle to myself now, every time I say his name.

Could it be that he was my angel? Was it the man at the other airport who had handed me his phone and ushered me through to Nadir? Was it Nadir? Was it the American missionary in the sports coat? Was it any of them? All of them? None of them?

Angels or not, I can’t help but be grateful for each of them in their own way.

Was it the American Missionary? He did little more than make room for me to sit down. However, in that moment, it was what I needed most.

Was it the man with the phone? I probably could have made it through to the other side on my own but not having to face it alone was priceless to me. And in that moment, it was what I needed most.

Was it Nadir? He wasn’t a surprise. He was only doing his job. But his help to see it through to the end and not to leave me on my own to figure out how to locate my ticket was again, in that moment, what I needed most.

And Gilliam? I would have never assumed him to be anything but a nuisance. I didn’t want to speak Creole. I was too tired remember any. I just wanted to be left alone. And yet, he relentlessly pursued me and in the end, showed me the way. And in that moment, it was exactly what I needed most.

In each moment I had exactly what I needed most. Huh. I think that lesson might come in handy in the future. Perhaps the near future. I'll have to make a point to write it down and remember it.

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