Tuesday, December 22, 2009

have yourself a merry little Christmas.

I am in Jax for the holidays.

I feel remiss for not giving more official notice of the event, but I really didn’t have time.  Prior to arriving in Jacksonville last Sunday night, I had only been home (in Cayes) for a total of two weeks between Oct 31 and Dec 13.  Life has been hectic.  But I am happy to be in town for the holidays.  I spent the first week doing absolutely nothing aside from a little bit of Christmas shopping.  I needed it.  I didn’t call and I didn’t e-mail.  I just relaxed and watched reruns of all my favorite shows on the Discovery Channel. 

This week I’ve been busy being creative with friends.  Kelsey and I have a tradition of random art projects including but not limited to designing and building a chair, making paper butterflies, flowers made from old readers digests, and this.  Kelsey, Anna, and I made those last night.

And then tonight, I spent the evening with Laura and Robbie.  And we made these. The cookies on the left are the ones I decorated. Laura decorated the cookies on the right.  Its become an annual tradition.  We are hoping to start a New Year’s tradition as well;  fruit cake sculptures. 

christmas cookies

I’ll be in town until January 5th.  I’d love to see you while I’m in town.  Until then, I hope your heart is light, you spirit is refreshed, and you remember that you are loved. 

Merry Christmas!

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