Saturday, December 5, 2009

“yon ti mache”

I took a little walk around Picot today.  I didn’t go far.  It was hot and for lack of a better word, DUSTY. 

DSC_0477Picot is set in a picturesque area, surrounded by mountains and valleys on every side. However, they are building a road through this area and as with many things, it has to get worse before it gets better.  Dozens of dump trucks full of rocks and dirt pass this way every day.  They come and go, flying by, and every time they do, a large cloud of dust emerges.  I only walked down the road about 10 minutes and 5 minutes into my walk, my camera and feet were covered with dust. 

I took these photos while en route.  DSC_0469Some of them may not be particularly interesting but I wanted to demonstrate  how much dust there really is.  Each photo of a dust cloud DSC_0459is from a different vehicle that passed while I was out.  This was only over about a 10 minute period and these vehicles cross back and forth dozens of times each day from morning ‘til nightDSC_0481

Everything from people to houses to plants and everything in between is cDSC_0487oated in a seemingly permanent layer of DSC_0488dust. 








Although the dust is a nuisance at best, it is for a good purpose; a better road.  Just with the smoothing out of the route in preparation to build the actual road cut down the trip from an hour and a half to just under and hour. 

Sometimes, though, and I’m not sure how often, a water truck comes and sprays the road to help subdue the dust.  It happened to pass as I was walking. 





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