Thursday, January 7, 2010

back in the tropics.

I’m confused because isn’t it supposed to be warm in the tropics?  Don’t get me wrong, its not frigid like it is in mush of the US right now, but its still chilly, especially at night time.  During the day it feels like fall.  In the sun it feels comfortable.  In the shade its very cool.  And its windy.  Very windy.

But I won’t complain because we’re not freezing. Its not snowing.  And we don’t have to go outside and cover up the plants. 

Ah, Haiti. 

I’m home.

I made it back in one piece, again, with all my luggage in tow.  My biggest suitcase now has a gimp in its stride though.  It was practically brand new.  But one of the wheel supports got cracked and the front right wheel is now logged slightly off its base.  Its doesn’t sit up on it’s on.  Its in sort of a vegetative state now.  I have to prop it against something.

But I won’t complain because I got my luggage.  Everything was inside. And it still rolls.

Ah, flying.

You are what you will always be.

I wasn’t quite ready to come home.  The three weeks were gone as quickly as the food on your plate at your favorite restaurant. I was kind of hoping that the plane would be delayed:  just by a day.  Maybe a flash blizzard would come through.  Or the runway would be iced over.  Something minor.  Where no one was hurt and nothing bad happened to any specific person.  I’d come in on Wednesday instead of Tuesday and I’d get this thing started. 

American Airlines has a sense of humor, you know.

My plane from Miami to Port au Prince was delayed but not by a day.

We had boarded up,  fastened our seat belts and prepared for takeoff.  And then we sat. for a while.  And then a message came over the intercom.  A passenger was experiencing a medical issue and would need to un-board.  I didn’t get the sense that it was a serious medical condition but it was enough to stop the flight.  The plane circled the runway, returned to the hanger and deposited the passenger.  And then we waited.   And then another announcement came on that told us that the luggage from any travelers removed from the flight had to be removed, TSA said so.  So we waited while they unloaded the luggage, located the corresponding luggage, and repacked the plane.   And then we waited.  And then a message told us that now the plane needed to be reweighed and reapproved for take off. So we waited. Again. 

An hour after our scheduled take off time, we left.  There was a small child on the plane, probably about 5, who had most likely never flown before.  Or maybe he just really liked flying.  Right after take off, he exclaimed with bright eyes and opened jaw, “MOMMY W'E’RE FLYING!”

Or maybe he just said what the rest of us were thinking.

I met my driver  (one of the RMI staff) in Port, stopped for a quick bite to eat and headed to Cayes.  I was home just before six.

And the busyness began.

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