Saturday, January 16, 2010

keep them in your prayers

Benson, one of the RMI staff members and one of my closest friends here in Haiti has heard from his family in Port.  They are all alive.  They suffered injuries, but they are alive.  Pray for their healing and comfort for their hearts as they adjust to life after January 12. 

Madame Ti Jean heard news from her family.  Some of them survived, two of them didn’t.  Pray her family as they make preparations to bury their loved ones and face life without them.

Marco, my friend and Creole teacher lost his cousin.  She was not a Christian.  Pray for comfort and strength for the family.  Pray that her family may come to know the love of Jesus in the midst of this tragedy. 

Nadir, a dear friend of the RMI family who runs the taxi service between the local and International Airport in Port, is safe.  He lost his home and with the airport out of service, his job, at least for the time being, as well.  Pray for him and his family as they rebuild their lives.  Pray for provision as he finds a new (or at least temporary) source of income. 

Still no news of my friend Lesly.  If he is alive, pray for his safety and for that of his family.  I just had a conversation with him earlier on Tuesday. He told me he had spent all week looking for a job (he’s been searching for a long time without finding one) and he was just beginning to feel hopeful that he would be able to find something soon.  Pray that if he is safe, that same hope will continue to rise up and sustain Him.

Gerline, the co-worker of my roommate Suzanne, has a brother in Port.  She has not heard from him. 

Annette, one of the ladies who works in my house, has a sister in Port with 6 children.  She has not heard from them. 

Myrlande, one of the girls who volunteers at weekly feeding and Sunday School program for  orphans in one of the poorest areas in Cayes, had not heard from her Mother, Lauranette, and her two brothers, Djimmy and Milord, as of Wednesday. 

Anise, another girl who volunteers for the Sunday School/Feeding Program, as of Wednesday had not heard from her mother, Lucette, or her sister, Cator in Port. 

I asked some of the girls who were working at the Medical Clinic on Wednesday to write down the names of their family member in Port but from the way they wrote the list I cannot tell if it is themselves or their family members they have listed.  Either way, they can be lifted up by name.  Etienne, Suzette, Hippolyte, and Claisaint.

For all of those who have yet to hear from family members; pray that they will have strength, hope, and courage as they wait.  Pray for the safety of their families and that they will be able to quickly receive news of their situations.

Continue to pray for Dawne, Katherine, Mary, Steve, Chris, John Paul, Laura, Bob and Susan the team members we have here now.  They should be leaving tomorrow morning at 11am.  They should land in the Bahamas tomorrow afternoon and fly to the states on Monday.  Pray for their safety in travels and peace and comfort for them and their families.  Pray that they will be able to process all that they have seen and done in the last few days and that they will continue to stay emotionally and physically healthy. 


The Queen of Chaos said...

If Etienne is the same Etienne F that works in Les Anglais, we heard through his brother Nobert that he is ok. Nobert was in PAP when the quake hit.

Amy said...

thanks for the info on that Etienne. I am glad to know he and his brother are well. Although the Etienne I mentioned in my post was a differnet one. I'm trying to be sensative about listing too much information, ie: full names. But thanks so much for checking in! =o) Blessings.

Amy said...

P.S. I wasn't implying that about the fact you put etienne's last intial. I hope you read that to mean that was why my list was only of first names....sorry if it sounded otherwise! =o)

Alice said...

praying for you in England. We were connected to your blog via Elizabeth Cairns in Knoxville TN where we have friends. Bless you in your work and the days and weeks to come. Bless Haiti and all her people xx

Amy said...

Alice, I am honored to know that my blog has made it to England! Thats kind of exciting. =o) Thank you so much for your thoughts and prayers. Its the prayers of yours and many others combined that are giving us hope and strength to face the challenges that each of these days is bringing us.

The Queen of Chaos said...

Amy ~ Not a problem at all, I wasn't sure either, so that's why I used only the last initial also. You guys are in my prayers. If I could be there I would.