Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Prayer Requests 1-25-10

The last few days have been extremely busy from sun up to sun down.  I’m trying to find the time to write a more comprehensive update b/c the last few days have been random and busy but God has done some cool things and I’ve met some interesting people and made some new friends.  But all the details of that will have to wait. 

For this evening, I am leaving you with a few matters of prayer;

1) Please pray for Gary and Marilyn McLaughlin, the other missionaries serving here in Haiti with RMI.   And please continue to pray for me.  We are busy and exhausted with no real end in sight.  While I am saying this, I will add, we will not complain.  God has given us life and he has given us the opportunity to serve Him in a real and tangible way, as many of my friends have reminded me, for such a time as this.  We are here to be Gods vessels and we trust Him to be everything that we need.

2) Pray for David.  He is a young Haitian man who is doing what he can to help his own country in time of need.  He, along with Pastor Malingo and a few of his friends have collected food, clothes, personal hygiene supplies and are distributing to those in need.  A few days ago, the team, a long with a couple of the missionaries here went out to a local area and distributed the supplies.  Along the way they shared the gospel with those they met and David and Pastor Sean (one of the Missionaries) were able to pray with a young man who prayed to receive Christ.  They have done another round of collections and will be leaving tomorrow early in the morning to do some more distributions in Leogane, one of the hardest hit areas just outside of Port au Prince.

3) Pray for Molienne.  I have visited her several times in the last couple days.  Each time our eyes meet her eyes light up and she breaks into a beautiful smile.  I do not say that to boast that I am the reason she smiles.  I only say that because I am honored to know that God has placed me in her life for a special reason and I am blessed to know her.  She is having an operation tomorrow morning.  I am not sure why.  I didn’t get to talk with the Dr.  or her family.  Only her.  I would venture a guess it has to do with infection in her foot but it could also have something to do with her broken leg.  I am hoping to get there in the morning.  I told her I wanted her to read a Bible Story for me and she said she would.  I hope the morning is free of interruptions. 

4) Pray for Jenn Rogan.  She is the friend I have mentioned several times on here.  I spoke with her very briefly on Sunday night and I could hear her exhaustion in her voice.  I spoke to her on IM this evening and she said she was tired…in so many ways.  Her area is finally getting food aid and they have enough to feed the people in the area.  She said they are still treating up to 15 new patients each day, many of them with complex fractures.  She also said they are still experiencing tremors and aftershocks.  Its is wearing on her soul.

5) Pray for Jeef and Peterson and their mother.  Peterson is at the clinic here on the center.  His arm is broken and he suffered a pretty severe injury to his ear.   The right side of his body from his arm up to his ear, including is face is still swollen.  He told me today he is still in pain. 

6) Pray for Dumesle and Cianie.  I met them on a visit to the Tent City set up in downtown Cayes.  They are cousins.  They are here from Port au Prince and they both lost family in Port.  They are staying at the Tent City while they regroup and find a more temporary place to stay.

7) Pray for my friend Amber, her son Ty and her husband.  They live in the states but I received word from another friend that they were in a bad boating accident this evening.  Amber is OK.  Ty was getting a scan on his head done and there was no word on her husband. 

8) Pray for my friends Scott and Katy.   And for the rest of Scott’s family; Ellen, Elizabeth, Shannon, and Jeff.  Scott’s father passed away last week after a long bought with cancer.  He is cancer free and rejoicing in God’s presence but the family is now working through the emotional process of loosing a loved one. 

9) Pray that the medical, physical and spiritual needs that come alone with an influx of quake refugees will continue to be met. Food is needed, medical supplies are needed, and comfort and grief support is needed. Although the physical supplies are coming in (food and medicine), they are still in great need as many people have (and are still making) made their way from Port.  The spiritual needs will be present for months and years to come.

10)Pray for the future of Haiti, the rebuilding of the government, and the infrastructure Haiti needs to move forward.  Pray for the long term effects that no one can yet see, the sickness and disease that can stem from the unclean conditions, the hundreds of thousands of people who are homeless, jobless, and hopeless. Pray that after the media has forgotten Haiti, that people will not.  Pray for spiritual awakening and revival. 

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