Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Clinic Notes

Tonight I spent about three hours at the Hospital. I enjoyed some long visits with some of my friends and short visits with others but it was a special time.  I took some drawing paper, crayons, and pencils and started over at the boys section where Frenel and Peterson are staying.  There are two other boys in the two beds across from them so I spent a good long time sitting in a wheel chair cutting up with all the boys and their families and anybody else who felt like joining in.  If its possible to have “lots of fun” visiting people in the hospital, it happened tonight; we had lots of fun.  I also enjoyed a lot of great conversation with my lady friends over on the ‘girls’ side. 

Here’s what I know:

1) Rita.  She is doing well post surgery in Bonnefin.  She has yet to return to Cayes. Her husband and one of her daughters are still at the clinic here.  The other daughter is with Rita.  From what I understand, Rita wants to come back down b/c she said she was getting much better care down here!  The Clinic at Cite Lumiere is definitely a much more comfortable facility.

2) Migline.  No special news to report.   Her foot is healing so well.  She’s tried walking on crutches a little bit but after her fall the other day, I don’t know how much she is using them.  Yesterday we sat and read the Bible together.  She read Psalm 25 for me.  I read Psalm 23 for her.  Then she told me she knew it in French and proceeded to recite it for me.  I know she’s got to be tired of being there but I’m not looking forward to the day she leaves.  She’s one I’ll be keeping in touch with, but it’ll be much more difficult when they’re not right here in Cayes.

3) Douglas.  My sweet little shadow went home Monday morning.   Sunday afternoon he carried my purse around for me as I was visiting a few friends and he told me I should keep let him keep my purse at his bed because that would mean I’d have to come back later and see him.  That was the last time I saw him. I didn’t get the chance to say goodbye or get any way to contact them in the future.  While I’m so excited for him to be progressing well enough to go home, I have been in tears thinking I may never see his sweet little face again this side of heaven.

4) Peterson and Frenel.  As mentioned before, they have become best of friends.  They have taken to wheelchair races and soccer matches in the wheel chairs.  Its great to see them just being kids.  Tonight I sat in a wheelchair in the middle of the aisle and passed crayons back and forth as the kids were drawing.  Peterson couldn’t figure out what to draw so I told him to draw Frenel, which he did.  He made sure to draw him accurately, with only one full leg, which everyone including Frenel seemed to find amusing.  Frenel decided to return the favor by drawing Peterson complete with everything that makes him…a boy.  I am trying to find a way to make it appropriate for posting.  If I come up with anything, I’ll let you know.

5) Gina.  I sat and talked with her for a while today.  I discovered that I misunderstood her the other day.  I shared that both her children had been killed along with her husband but I found out today one of her children did survive; her 12 year old daughter.  Her sister Bonita is staying with her at the hospital and I met her tonight.  Gina seems to be healing slowly, but nonetheless, she’s healing.  She had her full arm bandaged but now its just her wrist and hand.   This evening she had it unwrapped and she was gently exercising her hand.  She said it gave her a lot of pain but she knew it would help her heal.  I have noticed that she always has a sweet smile on her face and asked her tonight how she was coping.  She said when she has people to talk to, to keep her mind off everything she is doing OK, but it is when she was alone with her thoughts that she becomes sad and discouraged. 

6) Regine.  I talked extensively with her for the first time tonight.  She isn’t very old, I believe maybe 20ish-give or take a year or two, and she lost her leg in the quake.  The first two weeks she was at the hospital, she was outwardly depressed.  Her mother kept vigil by her bed but most of the time Regine was just lying down with her face at least partially covered up or sleeping.  I was always greet her mother and speak with her Regine and would only get a minimal response from her.   She has made friends with one of the Haitian Doctors at the Clinic and I think he was concerned for her as well.  A few days ago, he took her on a drive around the city, just so she could get out and get some air and see something besides the ceiling at the clinic.  Since that time (I found out later that was the turning point) she’s been a different person.  The past few days she has been sitting up, smiling a lot more, and even at times laughing.  She was even sitting in a chair the other day getting her hair braided.   Her mom lives here in Cayes but Regine’s house is still in Port.  She said it wasn’t destroyed.  She was injured because she was outside when the earthquake happened.  But she doesn’t know what she will do when she is released, whether to return to Port and resume her life as best she can or to stay here in Cayes with her mom.  I am so happy to see the improvement in her.  Her mom's name is Madame Auguste.

Its late and although there are a few others I’ll have to try and give an update later.  For now I’ll just leave some names of people to pray for: Gertrude, Jackson, Valson, Jonathan, Emil, and Rose Marie.   They’re all patients at the clinic. 

Tomorrow, I am going to Tiburon (my home church’s sister church).  Its a good drive out- too far for a normal day trip- but we’re doing a food delivery out there with some relief supplies so I get to go!  I was quite amused by what food is on the truck we’re taking.  My three favorite things (based on amusement factor, not necessarily the desire to consume): Little Debbie Fudge Rounds, Little Debbie Oatmeal Cream Pies, and Vienna Sausages.  Lots and lots of Vienna Sauces.

Oh, and I forgot to mention this earlier but when Peterson was done drawing Frenel, Frenel was missing something.  Pants.  I don’t know why Peterson keeps forgetting to draw the pants…..

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