Friday, February 12, 2010

days of prayer

There a several other things I’ve been trying to get written to get on here- but they’ll have to wait til another post because something special is going on in Haiti that I don’t know if the International Media has reported on or not.  You may already know this…so it may be a “duh”.  But thought I’d share it anyway. 

Today starts a three day period of mourning and prayer for the nation of Haiti.  It seems as though private citizens, probably leaders of the local church, were calling for this.  And the government thought it was a good idea.  And declared it.  And it is now so.  Banks and other (but probably not all) business will be closed to honor the holiday.  Churches are having special prayer services all through out the weekend.   Madame Moise, our cook, is here today working but she is listening to the service on Radio Lumiere.  They are singing and thanking God for his grace.  I wish you could hear it. 

There are also manifestations planned all over the country.  In Haiti, a manifestation is a protest where large groups of people gather, mostly in major traffic thoroughfares, burn tires, block roads, etc.  They are calling for the US to take over.  I’m not sure if its the government or just officially over the relief effort.  That’s not clear.  I don’t believe its any reason to fear for our safety as much as its just the local way or getting there message across. 

Interesting times, these are.

The missionary community has planned two specific times for us to gather as a community to prayer during this time as well; Saturday morning at 8:30am and Sunday at 7pm.  I won’t be able to make the Saturday morning service, as I am going out of “town” for the day but hope to be back in time to meet Sunday night.

I know many churches and groups have already gathered for prayer but perhaps this would be another chance for you to join in raising a voice to Heaven for Haiti, for the present conditions and the future direction of this Nation. 

Psalm 60:1-5
God, you have rejected us and scattered us.  You have been angry, but please come back to us.  You have made the earth shake and crack.  Heal its breaks because it is shaking.  You have given your people trouble.  You made us unable to walk straight, like people drunk with wine. 

You have raised a banner to gather those who fear you.  Now they can stand up against the enemy. 

Answer us and save us by your power so the people you love will be rescued.

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