Saturday, February 27, 2010

A Few More Pics for the Day

Valson and Peterson hanging out in wheelchairs

Valson and Peterson

Proof that Frenel is going to do just fine…..

 frenel and peterson 


He has named his monkey Ti Jorel (little Jorel)

 frenel and tijorel



Jonathan and his dad. Are they related or what?!?

jonathan and dad

Frenel, Jonathan and their neighbor

Frenel and Jonathan1

And my sweet friend Migline.  Remember her in a cast and bandage?


migline and dad close up

migline and mode

Peterson…I had trouble getting him to smile.  He preferred the serious look.  This was our happy medium.


But that “come hither” look has snagged him a girlfriend. 

peterson mom and roselund

I don’t have an updated picture of RIta since she’s still in Bonnefin but here’s her husband and one of their daughters.

Ritas Husband

Valson and his mom, Elda. 

valson and elda

This is Rosemarie and her son Ive.  She didn’t loose her leg in the quake but came to the hospital several days after the quake.  She lost her leg due to diabetic complications.  She has such a beautiful smile and a joyful spirit. 

Rosemarie and Ive

It got dark too dark to take more photos.  If I can get some of my other friends tomorrow, I’ll post them.

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