Friday, February 5, 2010


I’ve been back from Port for two days now and these past two days have been jam packed. And random.  But what day hasn’t been random sinc

e January 12th?  Every day is unlike the day before and everything you think is going to happen one way, doesn’t.  But aside from some of the expected stresses that go along with a crisis like this, I rather enjoy the randomness.  When each day starts we have no idea what its going to look like and at the end of each day we realized it looked like nothing we expected.  C’est la vie. 

I’m not making a long post tonight.  I’m just going to post some pics that I took while we were in Port on Tuesday.  All of the photos I took can be found at the Reciprocal Ministries Picasa Website, here. And while there may be many tragic things still unfolding in Port, let me encourage you to see these pictures through eyes that catch a glimpse of life moving forward, life moving on; you can’t see it in all the pictures but in many of them, you see a glimpse into the future that shows that in the midst of tragedy, the Haitian people as a whole are resilient and strong.  What pauses them for a day will eventually be what presses them forward for a lifetime





 nap sonje ou





tent city

 tent city1


city on a hill


  bus stop




Alison & Kendall said...

Wow - thank you for posting these. And I'm glad you're learning to enjoy the randomness of this season - good thing you're such a laid back, flexible person! :)

Kelsey said...

beautiful photos Amy!

M Bartz said...

I have been wanting to comment on your post for some time.....First off, thank you. Through your blog I feel like I know you and the Haitain plight. This page is saved in my favorites and it is the first thing I check after my e-mail. Secondly, I have started blogging because you do it so well ( Lastly, dont stop. What you are doing is changing lives, it has changed mine...

Erin K. said...

"What pauses them for a day will eventually be what presses them forward for a lifetime." I love this. It's what I've been praying for the people of Haiti - that all of the prayers and attention that are focused on them in these moments, that all of hardship and having to pull themselves up by their bootstraps, will result in a nation that is stronger, both physically and spiritually.

Today I was watching a report of a team that was in Haiti last week. They took some doctors and nurses down to help those who still needed medical attention. They said that they would diagnose people, and the doctor would go to get the necessary meds, and by the time he got back the other team members had prayed and the person was healed. The doctor finally stopped going to get the meds because it was a waste of steps. :) They said that 80% of the people who came were healed by Dr. Jesus, and 20% were healed by the doctors and medicine. Isn't that crazy? What a testimony! To think that those people were touched by Jesus in a way that they will always remember - I pray that they will go from there and have a changed life that they then spread to others!

Beauty from ashes. What a God we serve!