Friday, May 7, 2010

Anticlimactic I suppose

So I guess I left things hanging here with a big lead up to my one year anniversary on April 29.  And then nothing posted after April 28.  Two things happened really…1) I ran out of interesting pictures and mostly 2) I ran out of time. 


We had a team coming in on April 30 and for the week before their arrival I was working non-stop, some days, almost around the clock, or at least into the wee hours of the morning.  The day they arrived, April 30, I started working before 9am and didn’t stop going until 3:30am.  Saturday, I was up by 8am and didn’t stop until I climbed into the truck around 1pm and left to spend a week in Baraderes. 

The week was packed as we did two days of clinic and the usual women’s, children’s, deacon’s, and outreach events.  I spent the week translating and snapping as many photos as I had time for and then Wednesday morning we took the 3 hour drive to Zanglais to spend the evening at the Retreat Center…although I was busy there with the ladies in the kitchen I did grab a little rest and was able to sleep all night without being woken up by a rooster on crack every morning before 4am.  So that was nice.  Yesterday as soon as we arrived at the Mission Center, it was ‘hit the decks running’ until last night when I crawled in bed just before 10:30pm.  And I feel like I owe it to the rest of the RMI staff to point out that each of them has been just as busy…little sleep and lots of activity….we’re all exhausted and yet somehow through the miracle of God’s grace, we still get along and really all love each other dearly. 

Today I was up by 6:30am and I haven’t stopped going much longer than to take the time to jot this down….

Our water in expected to be out for 24 hours…starting sometime today. 

No complaints.  Just stating facts.

I’ll try and post something a little more interesting sometime soon. 

Peace and rest.

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