Monday, September 27, 2010

Pics from the Road

Here a few pics from the last couple months. The first two came from Leogane.  I was there in July with a Homes for Haiti team.  David Uttley (UH MAY ZING photographer) and I walked around the area of Leogane, ate kènèps with some of the kids, stopped and talked with some of the residents in the area, and snapped a few photos.


little girl

These last two came from Grand Goave,where we also had a Homes for Haiti team putting up a house.  I tried walking around the area on my own but got frustrated with the number of times I was stopped and asked why I/we couldn’t build them (them being whoever it was I was talking to) a house. So I just stuck around the yard, talked to the family and neighbors, and snapped a few photos. 

baby camera

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