Friday, December 17, 2010

The latest

I keep thinking it hasn’t been too long since I’ve posted and then I look back at the date of my last post and realize…holy cow.  it’s been a while.

I’ve got lots of ‘things’ going on in my head but for one reason or another I’ve lost the urge to write about them.  I keep thinking of things to post and well, frankly I just don’t get around to it.  I asked for blog ideas and ironically enough the three ideas I got were things I unfortunately don’t really know enough to write about them.  So, if you submitted ideas, I greatly appreciate them and think they were great ideas.  I’ll just have to learn more about them (some of which will just take a while to get enough experience and understanding to write anything interesting)…but keep the ideas coming. I  love ideas!

On a less interesting note (although I’ve been told by a friend who is a former nurse that she likes the medical posts!) here is where my eye is at.  And my diabetes.

My vision has improved to 20/50 as of last Tuesday. The eye continues to bleed just a little so the Doctor is still watching for that to clear up.  I am still refraining from bending to the point where my head is below my heart and I am still sleeping on lots of pillows to keep my head elevated at night.  My next appointment is January 4 and at that point I should find out what the future is like as far as timing to get back to Haiti.  But still, only time will tell.

My diabetes is doing great.  The Doctor ordered lots of tests on me.  Including vitamin deficiencies and thyroid.  I am now on thyroid medication (he said mine was extremely low), Vitamin B and Vitamin D; everyday.  My A1C has continued to improve and at the appointment last week it was down to 7.2.  I am on a new insulin program and it should make my diabetes completely manageable once back in Haiti.

If you’ve read this far down into this post, thanks for sticking with it.  I hope to have some posts which have more mass appeal (I use that phrase with a grain of salt, as they say.) in the near future.

8 days til Christmas!

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Katy said...

Thanks for the update, Amy! I have another question...
How has you position with RMI changed since the earthquake? Have you had to take on any responsibilities that you would have never done had there not been an earthquake? :-)