Monday, July 6, 2009

and then he kissed her

The team from Crossroads Bible Church in Texas participated in a special service while in Chambellan.  On Monday couples from the church attended a marriage conference and then on Tuesday morning fourteen couples were married in a large ceremony at Chambellan church.  The team from Texas had brought in with them wedding dresses for the Brides to wear along with sets of rings for both the bride and groom.  It was a sight to see 14 brides getting ready all at the same time.  Something I’ll probably not soon forget.  One of the team members took wedding portraits and “kissing pictures” of each couples and printed them out to give to each couple.  The process of taking the pictures was quite hilarious and drew quite a crowd.

I also took pics of the process.  Here are some of my favorites:

DSC_0143 copy DSC_0160 copy DSC_0172 copy DSC_0184 copy  DSC_0195 copy DSC_0202 copy  DSC_0236 copy DSC_0250 copy

People climbed onto the roof (using the stairs of course) to watch…

DSC_0412 copy DSC_0413 copyDSC_0414 copyDSC_0415 copy

And after the wedding…there were portraits

 DSC_0326 copy DSC_0327 copy DSC_0331 copy DSC_0349 copy

DSC_0429 copy  DSC_0449 copy       DSC_0450 copy DSC_0464 copy DSC_0488 copy

And my favorite of all….

DSC_0397 copy


Anonymous said...

thats awesome!

Cindy Guidroz said...


Thank you for the pictures. I was just telling my boss about how Haitians don't show PDA. These are some of my favorites as well. And with regard to your 7/4 post, we all had a great connection with you as well. I personally did abtwa. I thank Him (and you) for your presence with us this week and look forward to see how He is going to use your time in Haiti.
We love you.
Cindy Lou

p.s. You won't like any other teams as much as you like us ;)

"Celia Golightly" said...

This is beautiful and so amazing, Amy! Thank you for sharing your pieces of loveliness - I miss you, homie!