Sunday, November 8, 2009

Its been a month.

It was four weeks ago today that the tragic accident happened here on the mission center.  Time goes by so quickly these days.  The Reinhardt family is doing well; as well as can be expected.  The funeral for Gabriel was held three weeks ago.  Sarah and Tim have both made huge strides in their physical healing and the family is hoping to return to Haiti in the next few weeks to continue the healing process.

Wednesday night after the accident we had a memorial service for Gabriel during our regular Wednesday night service.  It was a really sweet time and many families shared memories, scriptures, and songs.  Although we may never understand the reasons for the accident on this side of forever, it was a helpful step in the healing process for those of us here.

That Thursday, Beth and Suzanne and I were having lunch as usual.  We had just finished eating and were still sitting at the table talking when we saw three individuals approach our door.  None of us were expecting anyone and no one called out for us to come so we just continued with our conversation.  As we talked, we heard their voices outside and when we stopped to listen, we realized that they were praying and singing.  They were visiting each of the missionaries houses, praying and singing over us that God would comfort us and bring us joy and peace in the midst of our sorrow.  In a culture that asks so much of us, with numerous strangers approaching our doors daily asking for money or food or work, it was special that they were just here to give back to us. 

For the service on Wednesday everyone was asked to be prepared to share a memory or encouragement for the family because we would be taping the service to share with them.  Here is what I jotted down:

In the life of everyone on this earth from the beginning of time until the end of the ages, there has been and will always be times of darkness.  In the middle of the night we bleed and pray and beg for a glimpse of morning.  We strain our necks upward searching and hoping the night will end and morning will appear.  For some, that darkness is eternal but for those of us hidden in Christ, those of us who choose to believe in the mystery of the “good news of Jesus and the message of the Gospel”, the morning will come.  Though the night will be long, the morning will come. 

Please continue to keep the Reinhardt family in your prayers as they continue to look for the morning.  Pray also for the missionaries here on the center, that God would show us how we can shine light into their darkness as they heal. 

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