Monday, November 9, 2009

Top Ten List

Ten things noteworthy things about the current status of my life
in Haiti:


10.  I’m wearing a sweater, b/c its chilly, in Haiti.

DSC_04439.    My head comes to a slight point on top, making it difficult to fulfill my dream of carrying things on my head, in Haiti.

8.   I used to refuse to eat leftovers but now I eat them almost every single day, in Haiti.

7.  For the first three months I lived here, I had fresh tomatoes 
straight out of the garden pretty much  
     every single day.  For the last two months, its been avocado,   
     straight from the tree in the yard, pretty much every single day. 
     I guess that's one of the benefits of having someone else 
    responsible for growing things in your garden, in Haiti.

6.  I have been waking up with out an alarm clock almost everyday
     for the last few weeks at 6:48am.  Strange things such as
     this happen in these parts.  This gives credence to the
     statement, only…in Haiti. 

5.  I have been sharing my space with mice.  I found evidence that
     they had eaten some of my crackers;  and they had a party in my 
     closet.  So I set a trap and caught one. Suzanne set out another 
     trap, and we caught another.  And she caught one in her room as
     well.  Another trap is set for tonight.  This is the most disgusting 
     thing that has happened to me (SO FAR), in Haiti.

4.  I officially have internet access at my house.  This will help me
     stay in touch with friends and family.  It will also make it easier
    for you to keep in touch with me, in Haiti. 

3.  On November 21, I leave for the town of Picot to spend two
     weeks living with a Pastor and his family.  This is to immerse 
     myself in Creole.  I hope to come away from the experience well
     versed in the language.  This will help me immensely, in Haiti.

2.  Jesus might be coming soon.  Because signs an wonders abound.  
     I have found a supplier of Diet Coke, in Haiti.

1.  I waited five long months for my four wheeler to arrive.  It was
     finally released from customs and was transported to Cayes on
     Saturday.  Now, if the keys were only here, in Haiti.


superbass said...

I feel like these should be a song. Like to the tune of the twelve days of Christmas or something like that... :-)

Laura Applebaum Hare said...

You SO need a cat Haiti!