Friday, January 22, 2010

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Dan Shoemaker, President of RMI, forwarded this information in an e-mail  Don’t know if the news media has gotten a hold of it or not but wanted to share.  The people of Jacmel need our prayers. 

Out today from the UN in Jacmel-- statistics ON Jacmel, which is a city of 34,000...
1,785 homes completely destroyed
4,410 homes partially destroyed
87 commercial businesses destroyed
54 schools destroyed
24 hotels destroyed
26 churches destroyed
5,730 families displaced
Death count approaching 3,000 (nearly 10%)

I have read though that in the last few days they have been inundated with Relief supplies so they have not been forgotten but from best I can understand much of this relief has been received because of the work of individuals running an orphanage in the Jacmel area (The Hands and Feet Project). 

In Cayes, it seems like we are good for now; food shortage is not an issue, and fuel is available (if you’re willing to wait in lines for sometimes hours at a time).  A number of medical teams are preparing to fly in.  Medical supplies and deliveries of food also continue to be flown in.  God continues to provide in the midst of impossible circumstances. 

This morning we made two food deliveries; one to an old folks home run by a pastor and his wife and one to the Rotary Club as they are preparing and delivering two meals a day to the General Hospital in town because many of the patients there have no family and no one to care for them. 

We also visited General Hospital in town.  There are still a lot of needs there and a lot of patients who need care.  There was people lined up in stretchers in the hallway and sometimes people lay on mattresses on the floor.  There was  a dead body covered on the floor.  It seems as though they had only recently died.  Pray for the family of that person.  Much has already been lost.  Although there is much work to be done, they have already done much and are working to continue to do everything they can.

I talked with two ladies there today.  One, was name Christiene.  She said she had a large wound on her leg that was still waiting on the right supplies to finish repairing the damage.  I am not sure exactly what that means because I couldn’t understand everything but she is obviously in need of our prayers for healing and provision.  Her spirit was sweet and she didn’t seem worried or frustrated.   I told her that I am my friends would be praying for her.  She was genuinely grateful.  She was taking it far better than I would have.  I also spoke briefly with Marieannete.  Her daughter was in the hospital.  Her daughter appeared to be physically and mentally disabled.  I didn’t get much of her story as I only had a moment to approach her before we headed out.  But she too had a sweet spirit.  I told her I would be praying for her and that I would ask my friends to be praying for her as well.  She said she was grateful for that and knew that God could help.  So consider yourself asked. 

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