Wednesday, March 31, 2010

This week in the news

Ok, so I don’t actually have much in the way of interesting news to report.  But here’s a brief rundown of the events of the last few days.

1)  Of the original crew, Rita is officially the last one left at the hospital.  There are a couple others who have been there about as long as she has but I don’t know them like I do Rita.  Gary and I took Rose Marie and her family (2 adult kids and a close friend) home to Chantal today.  It was hard to say good bye.  I didn’t get to go visit Regine today but I sent her a text message and she called me.  We talked for just a minute. 

2) Diet Coke has re-entered circulation in Cayes.  Gary was in town day before yesterday and found a stash.  He picked up a case for me.

3) A little over a year ago, I began experiencing the phenomenon of carsickness.  If you have any experience with Haitian roads, you might realize that these two things don’t mix well.  I usually take Dramamine when I know I’ll be in for a rough ride.  Today I forgot.  The road wasn’t too bad but it was enough to make me sick to my stomach- I didn’t expel any of the contents of my stomach- just got really queasy.  Still feeling it about 4 hours later.

4) Speaking of being on the road, I am going to Port au Prince tomorrow.  There are some things I need to spruce up the little apartment behind the Guest House that are just much more easily found in Port than here in Cayes.  I actually really love going into Port so I’m looking forward to the day.  What I’m not looking forward to the 4:15am wake up call and the 5am arrival of my ride.  Gary confirmed the trip with me on Instant Message earlier today.  It went something like this:  Gary:  We’re on for going to Port tomorrow.  Me:  WHOO HOO!  Gary:  I’ll be at your house at 5am to pick you up.  Me:  Not whoo hoo.

5)  I’ve been asked to teach a weekend class at the “Welcome University”.  Its a language school and they want me to teach an English class.  They’re willing to work with the fact that there will be times when I am not available, like when I am out with teams.  Its not a ‘special honor’ or something unique and different that I’ve been offered the job.  Over the years many missionaries have taught English classes at various schools around Cayes.  But I’d think it’d be fun.  It’d also be a great opportunity for me to get out and learn the community and the culture and make new friends.  I went on Sunday afternoon, toured the school, met a couple of the professors, some of the staff and was introduced to the classes.  I’d be teaching a class Saturday mornings or Saturday afternoons.  That’s really all I could commit to.  I haven’t told them yes or not yet, but I’m leaning towards yes.

6) In the Bible, I’ve read the first Chapter of First Peter a few times recently.  I keep getting stuck on the words “living Hope”.  I like the way it sounds and what it implies.  I think I need to unpack it a little more. 

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Dana Laymon said...

I can't imagine being car sick there! but i sure know it's possible. hope you're feeling better and don't forget that dramamine on the way to Port- enjoy your day!