Saturday, April 3, 2010

A Year in Pictures #1

April 29, 2010 will mark my one year anniversary in Haiti.  I can hardly believe it.  Life has been full, to say the least, these last 11 months; from field staff changes, new job responsibilities, a tragedy on the mission field, to floods and even an earthquake, its been quite a year. 

I’m a couple days late getting started on this ‘project’ but I’ve decided I’m going to post a picture a day this month.  Some of them may be pics I’ve already posted but I’d like to honor the last twelve months by remembering them. 

I will try and give them some sort of chronological order but I can’t promise there won’t be rogue pictures from time to time.  I’m not that good. 



The first Friday I was in Cayes, the Moses’ took me to town to change money and buy groceries.  I remember it being quite an overwhelming experience and tried for weeks to blog about it.  I eventually gave up, I was in sensory overload, and this normally observant processor was out of words.


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