Friday, April 23, 2010

A Year in Pictures #23


January 24, 2010.  I went with Gary and a couple other missionaries to Port au Prince to bring back some of the Quake Refugees to a camp one of the missionary families, The Wray’s, was setting up just outside of Cayes.  We took two pick ups, a large flat bed and a small flat bed set up with benches.    We brought back about 80 people.  Gary and I had 4 with us in the Ford.  The rest of them preferred to ride on the flat beds.  We piled luggage in the bed of the Ford and the back of the other pick up.  Everything they owned was stuffed inside suitcases, bags, pillow cases and anything they had that could be used.  Getting to the church where we were to meet them was also a challenge.  The large flatbed Mercedes literally fit through some of the areas with maybe an inch of clearance on each side.What should have two turns off the mail road turned into about 20 minutes of turning around, backing up, and squeezing through streets jam packed with mattresses, belongings, and people sleeping outside.   

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