Sunday, April 25, 2010

A Year in Pictures #24

Sorry again for not posting yesterday.  I was too exhausted to care to tell you the truth.  I went to be around 10pm.  Maybe this whole turning 33 thing is catching up with me. 

old man Gabion1

This man was staying at Gabion, the tent city downtown.  I met him on one of my visits.  He must have assumed I was of Spanish descent because he started speaking to me in Spanish.  He showed me his left shoulder.  It appeared to be out of joint although I couldn’t understand everything he was telling me.  He was a gentle old man.  I wonder if he still down there.  My friend Jocelyn, who is living there, told me the folks organizing the area will be closing it soon and the residents will have to find new places to live.   Soccer Season is coming. 

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