Tuesday, April 27, 2010

A Year in Pictures #27

cyber cafe1

After the first month or so post January 12, I took very few photos.  I wasn’t out and about like I had been.  Life had settled into a normal routine of….organized chaos and I just didn’t have time.  This picture was taken in Port au Prince back in September.  Cyber Cafe’s are big in these parts.  You pay something like $10 Haitian dollars for something like and hour of time on a computer that crawls though I’ve seen at least one place advertise ‘wade-less’ internet.  I think that means wireless.  At this particular location looks as if you could make payments on a cell phone, receive money, get color copies,buy Viola phone cards, or use the internet. 

I don’t remember exactly where in Port this was, or if it’s even still there. 

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