Monday, April 26, 2010

A Year in Pictures #26

coast guard

My friend Lisa came down for a short visit and the friend who flew her in agreed to fly us to the Bahamas for an overnight stay.  He was doing relief flights in and out of Haiti and the supplies were coming in through an incredible group called Bahamas Methodist Habitat.  They were responsible for hundreds of flights and hundreds of thousands of pounds of relief supplies that were flown into the Cayes area.  While in the Bahamas, Paul (the pilot), Lisa, and myself had the privilege of dining with Cameron, Abe, and Matt, some of the folks who have been making ‘it’ all happen.  We ate at a great little local place where the music was jammin’, the food was great, and the company was amazing.

While at the hanger on Tuesday, waiting to load supplies onto our plane to fly back to Cayes, there were other planes loading and unloading as well.  The Coast Guard was there too. Though, I’m not sure exactly what they were doing.

It was a quick visit so we didn’t get to see much other than the Hanger, the Restaurant and the Hotel.  I’d love to go back and visit the backroads- local style.  The thing I remember most about the Bahamas?  Wishing I’d brought long pants.  It was cold and I didn’t bring any long pants...   

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