Sunday, April 4, 2010

A Year in Pictures #4


People often ask me if I like Haitian food.  My response is some of it.  When I came back from the states in January, I was actually craving rice and beans, so Iguess that’s a good sign.  I’ve had a lot of new foods to adjust to this year, including fruits and vegetables.  Abriko is one of the locally grown fruits so when its in season we have it in abundance.   A good one tastes like sweet dried apricots.  A bad one tastes like sour dried apricots.  I prefer the good ones.


Katy said...

Thanks for posting the pictures, Amy!!! It's so hard to believe that you've been in Haiti nearly a year...crazy! Loveyou!

"Celia Golightly" said...

I was thinking the same thing - has it really been a year?!?! Whoa! And thanks for posting the pictures, I'm really excited to see the rest... you're so talented!