Wednesday, April 7, 2010

A Year in Pictures #7

small cat

This is Leila.  She belongs to the Moses family, who served here in Haiti, with RMI, for about 7 years.  Leila and I bonded when the Moses’ were in the states in May of ‘09 for a few weeks.  They actually acquired Leila the same day I arrived in Haiti.  They greeted me at the airport in Cayes with cat in tow.  Her real name is Leila, but I preferred to call her Small Cat, and when she was in trouble, I called her by her full name, Small Cat with Big Ears.  The Moses’ have been living back in the states since July and when they left, they took Small Cat, and their 3 dogs with them.  They also had an iguana, which they left in Haiti, though I can’t imagine why…?

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