Wednesday, January 12, 2011

A Prayer for Haiti

Today marks one year since the earthquake.  One year since life as it was known would become a distant memory of times past when…things weren’t quite as difficult. Irony.  Haitian Pastors and many others are calling for today to be a day of prayer and fasting in remembrance of the day the earth moved and changed the lives of 9 million people.

I’ve composed a fairly comprehensive list that includes organizations and individuals working in Haiti, National Haitian Staff, and personal friends or acquaintances of mine.  I’ve tried to only use first names and have denoted families who have children with an asterisk. This list is long, as it is intended to be. These are only the people and organizations I am familiar with. There are hundreds, maybe thousands more.  Let me encourage you to take the time to read over this list and as you read, pray for the organizations and individuals listed here.  I can’t think of a better way to remember and honor the victims.

Personal Friends and Acquaintances:

Rita (both legs broken, hospitalized for seven months, lost 1 child)
Kattelyne (daughter of Rita)
Brunia (Rita’s daughter)
Regina (Rita’s daughter)
Germain (Rita’s husband- also sustained an injury to his torso)
Regine (Lost her leg as a result of the earthquake)
Mme Augstin (Regine’s mom)
Francois (Regine’s friend)
Claudia (Regine’s Cousin)
Frenel (lost his leg as a result of the earthquake)
Peterson (lost the use of his right arm)
Douglas(sustained hip and shoulder damage)
Jonathan- (broken leg, has since recovered )
Valson (broken leg, has since recovered)
Elda (Valson’s Aunt)
Rose Marie (lost leg due to diabetic complications)
Yves (Rose Marie’s God son)
Sandra (Rose Marie’s daughter)
Charlesmagne (Rose Marie’s son)
Jeremi (Rose Marie’s husband)
Nana (sister had a substantial wound on her back, hospitalized for months)
Roudy (His mother lost her leg as result of the earthquake)
Roudy’s Mother (lost her leg)
Amil (broken leg and severe ankle wound-has healed and resides in Port)
Molene (Amil’s wife)
Rosie (suffered a broken pelvis) 
Charline (Lost her house in the earthquake-received a Homes for Haiti home)
Sonita (lost her older sister in the earthquake)
Migline- (broken leg and severe ankle wound- hospitalized for months- home now)
Eli (Migline’s father)
Mode (Migline’s Mother)
Gina (broken shoulder- released from hospital after a short stay, lost her husband and children)
Ginette (severe wound on her shin, was released after a couple months)
Jocelyn (lost everything, left Port after the earthquake)
Herby (lost everything in the earthquake, relocated to Cayes)
Jertrude (broken shoulder- released after a few weeks)
Olivier (lost his leg as a result of the earthquake)
Yvans (lost his leg as a result of the earthquake.  received a prosthetic leg and once he finished with the rehab program he return to volunteer…He comes to the clinic everyday and shadows the prosthetics fabricator.  His plan is to go to school to be trained to become one himself.)
Rosleure (Yvan’s sister)
Linda (lost her leg as a result of the earthquake)
Valetine (broken femer- spent several months in the hospital before being released)
Pastor Bien-Aime (home damaged beyond repair- he and his family received one of the Homes for Haiti homes)

Missionaries and Mission Organizations Serving in Haiti:

Reciprocal Ministries International 
Rob and Becky* 
Gary and Marilyn
Harvest International
Rod and Debbie*
Loving Shepherd Ministries
Rich and Amber*
Medical Teams International 
Carmen and Marvin
Free the Children
Father Mark
World Team
Johannes and Luise
Sean and Heather*
Volker and Annette*
Centre Lumiere- Domestic Center
Christianville/Haiti Health Ministries 
Jim and Sandy
Ryan and Teresa*
TLC Barefoot School 
Quisqueya School and Chapel 
Agape Flights International
LJ and Ruth
Arise Haiti 
James and Rachael*
Christian Light of Haiti 
Harvest House Haiti 
Cite Lumiere Christian School 
Tom and Karen
Apostolic Christian Church
Jan and Val*
Tim and Joan*
SEED International 
Doris and Franz*
Heart for Home
Ricot and Mandy
Haiti’s Children 
Lumiere Ministries 
Dirk and Karen
International Christian Development Ministry
Gisel (Yvan’s daughter)
Jacques (Yvan’s nephew)
Christian Veterinary Mission 
Cite Lumiere Medical Clinic
Dr. William
Dr. Adule
Dr. Moise

Independent Missionaries
Reinhard and Ulrike
John and Diane*
Jean and Martina*  
Paul and Maggie*
MEBSH (The Mission Evangelique Baptiste du Sud d'Haïti)- The National Organization under which many (but not all) of the above mentioned individuals serve.
Pastor Luders (President of MEBSH)
Pastor Pharnes (Vice President of MEBSH)
People in the process of raising support in order to come serve in Haiti:
Mark and Carol*

Reciprocal Ministries National Staff and their spouses:

Jules and Marthe
Jean Cherie and Elcy
Benjamin and Lucette
Benson and Denise
Ti Jean and Julie
Lise and Daniel
Pastor Osman and Lucienne
Merved and Rosita Lafleur
Serge and Marlene
Sam and Ismana
Wilfrid and Marie Francoise
Jean Duvil (Married, name of spouse unknown)
Varnel(Married, name of spouse unknown) 
Jean Claude
Marie France
Rameau (Married, name of spouse unknown)
Mme Gerard
Mme Lionel

Missionary House Staff
(this list is not inclusive- it only includes names of those I know):

Mme Moise
Madame LuLu
Madame Osalom

Other Organizations, Government, and Military

President Preval
Local and National Government and Officials

Ministry of Commerce and Industry
Ministry of Finance and Economy
Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Cults
Ministry of Information and Coordination
Ministry of Interior and National Defense
Ministry of Justice
Ministry of National Education, Youth and Sports
Ministry of Planning and Foreign Aid
Ministry of Public Health and Population
Ministry of Public Works, Transportation and Communications
Ministry of Social Affairs
Ministry of Agriculture, Natural Resources and Rural Development

Local and National Police

UN Forces- there are currently 11,797 total uniformed personnel

Countries represented:Argentina, Bangladesh, Benin, Bolivia, Brazil, Burkina Faso, Burundi, Cameroon, Canada, Central African Republic, Chad, Chile, China, Columbia, Côte d'Ivoire, Croatia, Ecuador, Egypt, El Salvador, France, Grenada, Guatemala, Guinea, Guinea-Bissau, India, Indonesia, Ireland, Italy, Jamaica, Japan, Jordan, Kyrgyzstan, Lithuania, Madagascar, Mali, Nepal, Niger, Nigeria, Norway, Pakistan, Paraguay, Peru, Philippines, Republic of Korea, Romania, Russian Federation, Rwanda, Senegal, Serbia, Spain, Sri Lanka, Sweden, Thailand, Togo, Turkey, United States, Uruguay and Yemen 

Samaritan's Purse
Haiti One
Doctors without Borders
Haitian Red Cross
International Red Cross
Radio Lumiere
Presse Evangelique
Compassion International
Water Missions International
Partners in Health

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Dana Laymon said...

I still can't believe it either! I can't imagine what the feeling is like in Haiti today. Hard for me not to pray for them! I wish everyone felt that way. Glad you're better and are going back!