Sunday, April 25, 2010

A Year in Pictures #25


I made my first visit to the Cite Lumiere Clinic on January 19.  That was one week after the earth quake.  When I met Migline, her leg was in a cast and I watched the Dr. cutting a window into the cast revealing a large piece of skin missing from her foot.  She was crying “Li fe mal” over and over again.  “It hurts”. “It hurts”.  “It hurts”.  That started a very special chapter in my life; almost daily visits to the hospital where I met so many wonderful people and made so many friends.    February 26, just a little over a month later, Migline was well on her way to recovery.  When I arrived at the hospital she was sitting outside.  It was the first day I noticed that she had both of her flip flops on.  She’d come along way.  Within a few short days, she was discharged. 

I talked briefly with her dad late last week and he said she was doing well.  I didn’t find out much more than that.  He was in Port so I didn’t get to talk with Migline, who lives somewhere around Port Salut. 

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